Hero Baby HA Formula Milk


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  • From birth to on-wards

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Hero Baby HA is specially formulated to help protect your baby from risk of allergy in case of family history of allergic diseases. Hero Baby HA has partially hydrolyzed protein and nutritionally complete supporting healthy growth, helping immunity enhancement and comfort.

Breastfeeding is the best for infants, Hero Baby HA should be used with Health Care Professional’s advice.

Wash your hands well Clean & boil feeding utensils for 5-10 min Boil fresh water for 5 min. leave to cool down. Pour the required quantity into the feeding bottle Add the no. of scoops as per the table (on package). Remove the excess with the back of a clean dry knife Shake well until complete powder dissolution Test few drops on your wrist. The milk should be lukewarm.

Always prepare just before use Do not keep any milk left over for the next feed Store tightly closed in the original package in cool dry place Use within 4 weeks of opening date

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